Where the sessions take place

I am currently offering sessions via the online platform, Zoom.     When appropriate, I can offer “walk and talk” sessions but these will require careful planning – so do please ask about this.  

When COVID restrictions allow, I usually work from a room within my home.    This is based in a rural location and offers a really peaceful, safe and confidential environment.

Free initial assessment

I offer an initial free assessment during which we can explore a little of what you wish to work on and I can explain the way in which I work. Importantly, we can get to know one another.    This is a great opportunity to check out whether or not you feel that you might like to work with me; and I can ensure that what you bring, is something I can work with safely and ethically.

After which, we can agree how we will work together going forward.  


My session fees are £45.00 for 50 minutes and I do offer a sliding scale for those that might require this. I also offer student rates. So please do ask.

“I’ve always felt I had to do things because they were expected of me, or more important, to make people like me. The hell with it! I think from now on I’m going to just be me—rich or poor, good or bad, rational or irrational, logical or illogical, famous or infamous.”
Carl R. Rogers